Your TRIBBO electric charging bike comes with a 6 year warranty on the bike rack. On the other parts of the cargo bike, that are not wearing parts, there is a 2 year warranty.

if, contrary to our expectations, a problem with your TRIBBO electrical cargo bike arises within the warranty, please contact us right away.

Note that, warranty does not apply to the following conditions and wearing parts:

  • Lack of maintenance / service of products (at least 1 service inspection per. year, receipt must be presented)

  • Missing mandatory service check after 2 months from date of purchase (Receipt must be presented)

  • Incorrect or inappropriate use of the product

  • Exceeding maximum load capacity according to product specifications

  • Unauthorized service, replacement or refurbishment of the product

  • Damage caused by accident or force majeure

  • Damaged or flat tires

  • damage due to untreated rust

  • Gear, crank and brake cables

  • Incorrect adjustment of wheels and spokes

  • Locks and keys

  • Battery


Your TRIBBO electric cargo bike must have a mandatory service inspection within 2 months of purchase.

The service inspection can be carried out at our dealers or service centers, or you can have a local bicycle mechanic to perform the service.

The warranty does not apply if your TRIBBO electric cargo bike has not received this 2nd month service check. A receipt must be presented.

If you bring the cargo bike to our service center at Vævergangen 18D, 2690 Karlslunde, the service check is free of charge. If you use a local service center or dealer, the service check is at your expense.

REMEMBER If you have bought a lock, please take good care of your lock certificate. You need this in case of theft. It is your responsibility to save it.


Your pruchase includes 1 year warranty on your battery, with the following exceptions:

  • Capacity drop, regardless of amount and age of the battery

  • The battery has not been properly charged (Maintenance)

  • The battery has had more than 600 charges

  • The battery appears to have been dropt or damaged

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