Safe Driving



A cargo bike with 2 front and one rear wheel, is a safe way of transportation. Yet, there are few details you need to be aware of when driving a cargo bike in general. Using an electrical cargo bike, we recommend that you are aware of the following.  

When driving straight out, be aware of the speed. We recommend, that you drive on level 1, the lowest speed.

The faster you drive, the longer the braking distance.

Be aware of the balance of the bike when turning. When turning, the gravity between the box and saddle will shift and can course the bike to turn over. 

An electric bike motor first emits power when the bicycle's pedals are operated and starting the bike, can therefore feel sudden.

Pay attention when turning the pedals and the engine starts, it may start after turning ¼ turn on the pedals.

It depends on where the sensors are facing each other in the crank. Please be aware of the initiation of the engine. 

However, we have equipped all our electrical bikes with a switch on the handbrake.

When you turn the bike, clamp the handbrake a bit without braking and in the same time turn the pedals. This will de-activate the motor and you can easilly turn the bike without any risk of getting out of balance.

We also recommend, that you turn of the engine when you run off a curp. Make sure not to turn while driving up and down a speed bump. Keep the bike in a straight position when driving up and down and make the turn afterwards. This will keep the bike in a safe balance and minimize the risk of a turn over. Therefor, clamp the brake a bit og turn off the engine to de-activate. 

Always remember to lean your body in the same direction as you wish to turn. Turn right, then turn yourself to the right and vice versa.

Get familiar with the bike and be comfortable with all the functions and features, before driving with children.

Here's a few tips to help you along the way.

Place yourself beside the bike, turn it to the outer position and grab the handlebar. Give the bike a little push until you feel it tilting a bit. In this way you can get an idea of the center of gravity of it. Then drive the bike with the engine switced off and try to run off a curp or bump to get a feeling of how the bike reacts in different situations. Then turn on the engine and get familiar with it's function. 

Always test the bike with the engine switched off and no children in the box. Driving with kids - always drive at the lowest speed.

Always turn carefully when driving at speed. Keep the bike in a straight out position when passing a bump on the road. When turning, remember to lean your body in same direction as you turn the bike. 

The cargo bike has 2 front wheels, each with one brake. If one brake slows down more than the other, the bike will pull to the side that slows most.

This can occur if one brake is more worn down than the other (crooked rim, need of adjustment etc.). Same problem can occur if the discs or brake pads are dirty or the brake is simply defective. Always contact a repair shop if you have any doubt that your cargo bike is running properly.

The cargo bike is equipped with hydraulic brakes, which can freeze or leak. However, hydraulics are the best and most effective brakes available.

The result of a defective brake on the front wheel, is that it will brake skewed. If you feel this, slow the speed down and make sure to have a firm grib on the handle and you can avoid the bike braking skewed. However, you need to check your brakes or take the bike to a repair shop.

Are you driving at high speed, eg. down a tunnel, then brake until you reach the same speed as you would driving straight ahead.

Contact B-Bikes if you get the feeling that the bike brakes skewed. And remember always to contact us or a repair shop, if the brakes don't work properly and do not ride the bike if you have any doubts.


When driving a TRIBBO cargo bike, you have a good view to the children placed in the box. 

Be aware that it takes a little time to get familiar with driving a cargo bike. Our best advise is to start by practicing in a closed area without traffic and children in the box. 

Be careful with sharp turns and high speed, when you have children, dogs or other cargo in the box. With additional weight, be careful.

How many persons fits in the cargo bike?

When you carry passengers in the box of the cargo bike, you have to make sure that each passenger has a separate seat and that all passengers are securely fastened.

The maximum of persons in a Cargo Bike is 7. One adult as a driver and 2 persons (regardless of age) + max 4 children under 8 years. Eg.  you may drive with 2 larger children / adults + up to 4 children under 7 years - or with max 6 children under 8 years, if there is a seat for each. 

You may also have 4 (or 5) children in the Cargo box and one child behind the bike in a bicycle chair.

Remember! You must have seperate seats for all passengers, all passengers must be securely fastened and protected against the spokes of the wheels.

There are no statutory requirements for maximum weight for children or the total weight of your cargo. It is solely the manufacturer's information regarding the maximum weight of cargo, that applies. However, we advise you to always follow the instructions for max weight on the bike.

If you overload the bike, you may not be able to brake properly or the bike will break down. Also include in your considerations, whether you have the strength to drive the bike with many kids in the box. You must be able to ride the bike safely and have full control of the bike.

A three-wheeled bike may, according to the rules, measure up to 1.25 m wide.

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