NOTE To obtain the TRIBBO warranty, you must bring your bike to a repair shop for service, latest 2 months after purchase.

In any case of warranty, you must be able to show a receipt of service. 

You're welcome to bring your bike for a free service at our location

Metalgangen 9A, 2690 Karlslunde or you can have it done at a local repair shop.

If you choose a local repair shop, note that it will be at your own expence.

Please don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.


It is important regularly to check that the brakes are working properly.

Our electric cargo bikes are mounted with hydraulic brakes on all three wheels and do not require much maintenance. 

Dirt on the discs, may course the bike to pull in the wrong direction when braking. Try washing the disc with a soft cloth.

We advise you to change the brake pads at the end of each seson, especially after the winter season, that can cause damage to the coating.

All depending on the amount of use.

It's relatively easy to change the brake pads, but it does require some time to adjust them precisely. If you hear a howling sound from the brakes, it may be because they vibrate a bit. The reason for this, may be that the brakes are crooked, loose or dirt/oil on the discs.

The solution is simple: Adjust, tighten and clean. If this doen't help, you might have to change a caliper og adjust a piston.


Pay attention to the tires. Is the tread still okay? If the tires are worn, there is a risk that they might puncture within a short while, even though all tires comes with 5 mm puncture protection.

Watch out for cracks on the side of the tires and if you spot any, it's time to buy som new ones.

Always make sure, that there is enough air in the tires. If the tires are flat, there is a risk that it may course damage to the wheels.

Driving on flat tires, will overload the battery and shorten the amount of km you can drive on one charge.

Check that all spokes are intact and if the wheel is exe. If any spokes are missing or loose, make sure to have it fixed right away. If you continue driving, the spokes will break one by one and cause the rim collapse. 

So drop by a repair shop to have it fixed right away.

BATTERY - Extend the life of your battery by following these instructions

When possible, keep the battery cool. The battery should not be exposed to temperatures below -10ºC and above 40ºC.

When storing the battery, make sure the battery is keept in a cool place and approx 50% charged. While stored, you need to charge the battery 1 hour once a month. Never store your battery more than 1 month without charging, this can course permant damage to the battery cells and you will end up having a defective battery.

Never leave the charger connected to the battery for extended periods. When possible, unpluck the charger after charging. 

Do not charge the battery at temperatures below 0ºC and not higher than 35ºC.

Never expose the battery to temperatures higher than 60ºC.

The battery should be charged immediately when fully discharged. Never leave the battery unused for longer than 1 month.

Do not expose the battery to extreme weather conditions, eg. heavy rain and snow.

Do not expose the battery to excessive vibrations and bumps (eg when driving on very rough terrain) as this may damage the battery's electronics.

Do not expose the battery to frequent and alternating cold and hot environments, as the condensation that occurs may affect the battery's electrical components.

Your TRIBBO cargo bike comes with a 6 year warranty on

the frame.

Find your local TRIBBO cargo bike dealer

or service center. We have just added a new dealer in Sweden.

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